• CONGRATULATIONS to the Lycée Jacques CARTIER Team (St MALO)

    1st price Physics Olympiade 2020 with ULTIMATE plates

  • A few exemples of color holograms recorded on U08C

    U08C: Easily record full colors holograms

  • U08C-DECOL A few examples of Holoprints 3 colors by Yves GENTET

    U08C-DECOL specially optimized for pulsed full color holoprinters

  • U08M-R-70 preshifted for a yellow reconstruction with a red laser recording (YG hologram)

    U08M : a perfect material for monochromatic recording

  • U08M-BG A wonderfull hologram made by one of our customers (with an Argon laser)

    U08M : bright and perfect transparency

  • U04-VICOL for very bright color holograms with shining blue

    U04: our latest emulsion for full color holography

  • U25-BG YG Hologram by transmission on 60x80cm plates (Yag laser)

    U25: for pulsed transmission holography (ruby and yag)

  • Kits are available with safe and easy products

  • Your holographic plates for free by selling some of your holograms! Contact us.

    New! our customers sell their holograms on our shop!

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    Equipment for holography


Thanks to our holography kit for beginners, you will own all the products you need to create wondeful holograms!

Containing 5 glass plates 2x2" (6x6cm) + chemistry for processing

Process of the Holography kit for beginners (PDF)