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  • 375,00 €

    We print a CHIMERA™, a full color hologram on our proprietary Ultimate Holographic material, from your 3D database. The lightning should be ordered seperately

    375,00 €
  • 200,00 €

    A very strong full aluminium design, suitable for all our holograms. We will adjust before shipment the lamp and the mecanical angle precisely to your own hologram (Our own design of RGB 3W LED for color holograms up to 20x30cm in size, 9W RGB for 30x40cm and larger format, monochrom bright LED for monochromatic holograms )

    200,00 €
  • 80,00 €

    Scan Service of your object/diorama up to 60x80cm . Send your object/diorama, and we will scan it either in half horizontal or full parallax.

    80,00 €
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items