Designer of holographic emulsions !



Since 1995, Yves GENTET has produced holographic materials, giving him a worldwide reputation :


  • His emulsions combine very fine grain with high sensitivity, which remains a challenge for our competitors
  • The diffraction efficiencies of his emulsions are exceptional for silver halide materials supporting mastering for mass production and HOE recording.
  • We are specialized in color holography, with 3 wavelengths recorded simultaneously in one single layer .
  • The grain is so fine (U-08) that any visible wavelength can be recorded, without any noise, by reflection or transmission technique.
  • We have emulsions for pulsed lasers (U25 and U15) or continuous lasers (U15 or U08). We now sell our color material (U08-COLOR).
  • We produce and sell our own coating machines, for glass plates and film. We can coat layers from 2µm to over 100µm in thickness.
  • We can produce almost any nature of emulsion on special request and / or licencing contract.
  • For any special application, please contact us:


Ultimate COLOR. What a performance !

Denisyuk Hologram realized with our mobile apparatus (3 lasers at 20mW) on our COLOR plates.