ULTIMATE Holographic Films & Plates

Superior quality recording materials for making holograms.

Ultimate Holography offers a complete range of holographic materials, now used by hundreds of universities, businesses and professional holographers worldwide. 20 years of continuous development and improvements, (we use the material for our own production of holograms and have many customers feedback) allowed to achieve the most reputed, and simplest to use, range of holographic films and plates on the market, combining high sensitivity, high efficiency and simplest (AND SAFEST!) way to use.

How to choose the right material?

Select the recording material appropriated for your application. Then select the proper "dye" for your laser wavelength. Our "universal" material is U08 : if you hesitate between 2 materials, start with this one. We have a special "pre-shifted" U08 red sensitive material, that gives yellow holograms from red recording (preshift "70"). If you still doubt, send us an email shop(at)ultimate-holography.com or give us a call + 33 666732475 (France time). For beginners, you can start with one of our all-inclusive holography kits.



Ultra-sensitive holographic film. Grain size 40nm. Mainly used in transmission holography with pulsed laser or with very low power lasers or to make large formats.

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Holography kit for beginners, containing 5 glass plates 2x2" (6x6cm) + chemistry for processing

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/Temporarily out of stock/ U25 is recommanded for transmission holography made with pulsed lasers (YAG, Neodyme, Ruby...). The holograms achieved with this material are brighter and much less noisy than equivalent recordings on the former materials AGFA 8E75 and 8E56 or ILFORD . It can be used for very low power red lasers for reflexion holography, but holograms are far not as good as with U08M,


U08M is our Universal material for monochrom recording, both transmission and reflection holograms, and any visible laser in the green-red range. Excellent holograms are achieved on any set-up. U08M is a U08 emulsion optimised in sensitivity (2 times more sensitive at least than U08). U08M upgrades and replaces the former U15.


U08C (former U08) is our Universal material for color and blue monochrom recording, , for both transmission and reflection holograms,and any visible laser (2 or 3 combined together). Color Holograms made on this material have made our worldwide reputation. Now used by many customers (see our customer galery). Variations for Holoprint pulsed color lasers (DECOL dye) and Lippmann Photography (LIPPMAN dye) are available


U04 is our latest achievement in color holography, a material specially designed for Denisyuk holography and Hoe's. U04 is 3 times less sensitive than U08, but 3 wavelengths RGB can be recorded with an extreme brightness, even the blue color, and without any noise, so fine the grain is.


DCG = Dichromated Gelatine Material This material was simply designed for the head up display Hoe of the French military aircraft Rafale. When 99,99% diffraction efficiency is required! Sold unsensited (for long storage and repetitive results) or presensitised.

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