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Printing of your own CHIMERA™

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We print a CHIMERA™, a full color hologram on our proprietary Ultimate Holographic material, from your 3D database. The lightning should be ordered seperately

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375,00 €

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You wish to print a CHIMERA™ hologram and you have a adequate set of images of yourscene.

1. Order a print and choose the size, the hogel (pixel) resolution and the type of hologram : half parallax (horizontal paralax only) or full.

2. send a  link to us to download your images.

3. We control your images then we print and ship the CHIMERA™.

The set of images can be either 192 to 768 images taken from an arc, or 192 (vertical) x192 (horizontal) images.

If you own a 3D model of your object, you can generate the images (point of view) with our script for 3DSMax. If you cannot generate the images yourself, we can raise a  specific quote for the job to be done by an external company. Prices on this page are for a print from images.

We can scan for you real objets or design a 3D model (see our offer) . Please contact us!


A CHIMERA™ is printed on a glass plate, which is then sealed with a second glass using optical glue. It make the hologram very strong and very long lasting. Comparing concurent products on film or polymer, our material is totaly protected from heat or humidity. Our colors will never change!

Furthermore, we perfectly controle our color and our holograms are because of the saturation of the colors, the brightness and the field of view, without any equivalent in the world.